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Retail Repurposing

Donate Icon Powerd by GoodwillThe Donate Movement

Goodwill wants people to be aware that just as there are things you recycle, there are things you donate.  When people think twice about what they donate, where they donate and how their donations affect others, they can have a powerful impact on our world.  Goodwill has named this effort the "Donate Movement."


Every day, the universal symbol for recycling reminds us to recycle bottles, paper, cans and more. Now, imagine another symbol on clothing, household goods and electronics that reminds you that an item can be donated when you no longer need it.  That's Goodwill's vision for the Donate Movement.


Our Impact in Southwest Florida

In 2010, Southwest Floridians donated more than 22 million pounds of clothing, housewares, accessories, furniture, electronics, and more to Goodwill.  That's more than the weight of the Eiffel Tower!  If it weren't for conscientious donors, those 22 million pounds of goods might otherwise been deposited in our area's landfills.  Instead, they were resold or repurposed to minimize the potential environmental impact of these items.


Even computers and e-waste, which often contain hazardous materials, can be responsibly salvaged or refurbished.  Goodwill is a free, safe, easy, and responsible way to discard of unwanted computer equipment. Goodwill will also accept other gently used electronics, with the exception of televisions.


Have something to donate to Goodwill?  Find a donation center near you.