Janitorial & Floor Care

For more than 20 years, Goodwill has provided competitively-priced commercial janitorial services in Southwest Florida.

Goodwill Services Provided

Goodwill's professional janitorial and floor care team provides commercial service to businesses of all sizes and types. Our clients include traditional offices, medical facilities, retail stores, church facilities, manufacturing offices, child care facilities, senior centers, charitable organizations, contractor facilities, government offices, and schools. We clean areas as large as 75,000 square feet, and as small as a few thousand square feet.

Our janitorial services include all manner of interior cleaning, including upholstery cleaning, kitchenette cleaning, dusting, bathrooms, conference rooms, break rooms, outdoor smoking areas and break areas. Yes, we do windows-both inside and out! Floor care includes cleaning hard surfaces such as vinyl and ceramic tile, finished concrete, natural stone, wood and carpeted floors. Our service also includes routine cleaning and refinishing, and we work hard to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your floors. Sorry, we do not provide residential (home) cleaning.

Goodwill's Janitorial & Floor Care Products

Because Goodwill is one of Southwest Florida's largest employers, our purchasing power allows us to obtain our supplies and products at a good value-added savings we can pass along to you with inexpensive service.

In keeping with Goodwill's "Green" philosophy, Goodwill's janitorial methods include environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and we provide green cleaning whenever possible. This method uses environmentally-friendly products and procedures. In essence, it's cleaning to protect human health, without harming the environment. These products include dye-free and fragrance-free cleaners that are formulated to keep your facility safe, healthy and sustainable. Many of these products are also bio-renewable. We also have access to EPA-registered products for sanitation and disease control. These products are certified for medical facilities and hospitals. While we typically utilize our own cleaning supplies, we are happy to accommodate your special requests. 

Benefits of Green Cleaning

  • Improves indoor air and water quality
  • Improves employee health, productivity, and satisfaction
  • Reduces exposure to toxic chemicals for building occupants and janitorial workers
  • Reduces liability from worker safety issues
  • Lowers the environmental impact of the facility

Our Employees

Our janitorial and floor care program provides job training and allows us to continue Goodwill's mission of helping people with disabilities and other disadvantages get into the workforce. Because of the sensitive nature of our clients' businesses, our employees pass stringent background checks. More than 70% of our staff are mission services recipients, and they are productive and engaged employees. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality service while training our employees on the industry leading processes and techniques for commercial janitorial care. Because of this, we can provide you with the service and care of a small business, along with the resources and results of a large company.

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