Hire a Goodwill Graduate

Our clients are seeking a chance to become independent, tax-paying members of our community by finding jobs that match their skills and competence levels. By providing job readiness training, job search assistance, placement assistance, and career counseling, we give our clients the tools they need to find a job. But only you can give them a chance to work.

When you hire a Goodwill graduate, you not only fill a need in your own organization, you also give a fellow human being a chance at higher self-esteem, higher independence and a higher sense of purpose in the world.  When your business has an open position, Goodwill may have the perfect candidate for you, just waiting for a chance.

Goodwill's career development and job placement services are entirely free of charge to both parties. That means, as a business manager, you save HR hassles, as well as saving money on classified ads and headhunters.  Other benefits to employers include ADA compliance consultations and tax credits (Work Opportunity and Welfare-to-Work).

Contact your local Job-Link center to find out more about hiring a Goodwill graduate.