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Pathways Programs

Pathways to Opportunity 

Pathways to Opportunity is an adult day training program that offers group classes based on participant needs and interests. These classes are taught by trained professionals in conjunction with community members. The classes are held across the community, at the Goodwill Opportunity Center and virtually.

Designed for adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities who want to gain independence and experience new opportunities. Referrals are typically accepted through Florida Medicaid Waiver (iBudget) or personal recommendations.

Funding Options

• Agency for Person with Disabilities (APD)
• Florida Medicaid Development Disability Waiver (iBudget)
• Private Payment
• Sponsorship (when available)

Pathways to Opportunity Model:

 - Virtual classes available through HIPAA compliant secure system.
- New calendar each quarter based on participants interests.
-  Participants select courses quarterly
-  Ratio 1-10 or 1-5 depending on level of support required.
-  Program is person-centered and person-delivered.
-  Participants work with Goodwill support staff to develop goals and get the services they want and need.
-  Courses focus on outcomes and developing valued roles for participants.

Participant led Committees:

-  Advocacy Council
-  Art Program Committee
-  Events Planning Committee
-  Finance Committee

Class Categories: Example courses are listed under each category and does not include all courses offered.


- Computer Skills & Coding
- Cooking
- Learn Spanish, Italian
- Literacy Skills
- Money Skills
- Self-Advocacy & Personal Rights
- Sign Language
- Zoology

Employment Exploration:

- Career Exploration
- Employment Training
- Relationships & Communication
- Retail Training
- Volunteering

Creative Expression Performing Arts:

- Choir
- Comedy & Improve
- Drama Club
- Set & Costume Design

 Fine Arts:

- Art Medium Exploration
- Computer Art/Decals
- Jewelry
- Painting/Sketching
- Sewing/Fabric Art


- Book Club
- Community Outings
- Exercise Classes (Zumba, Yoga, etc.)
- Martial Arts
- Sport Leagues (Bowling, Golfing, etc.) 


Pathways to Work

Employment Services: 
Assists job seekers to choose, obtain, and/or retain employment that matches their career goals. Offers 90 days of continuing support from an employment consultant once employment is secured.

Supported Employment: 

Provides employment assistance for individuals who require more intensive support to succeed and maintain employment in the community.
Offers 150 days of continuing support from an employment consultant once employment is secured and stable. Supports may include; arranging for transportation, providing individualized training, helping the supported person to secure a job, develop natural supports and use assistive technology.

Work Readiness or Pre-placement Training
Is an interactive training provided in a small group setting. Completed before job placement, the 20-hour training includes:

• Resume writing
• Interviewing skills
• Online job searches
• Online job applications
• Meeting employers
• Handling conflict
• Navigating public transportation

Training also includes specific topics based on your individual work readiness needs.

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Provides job-seekers with temporary (usually twelve weeks) of paid training in a workplace related to career interests.

 - Allows job-seekers to get paid while gaining job experience.
 - Assists individual in learning valuable work place skills while assessing job preferences.
 - Provides development of communication skills, customer service skills, and self-confidence.